Wpit18 com login and registration process in 2022

Wpit18 is a rooster fighting game that happens in the Philippines. Anyone from around the world can sign up for Wpit18.com and participate in the game. In Wpit18, roosters are released in a ring to fight each other. The roster that is left victorious wins its owner the reward. If you are looking forward to participating in the game and want to sign up for the event, you came to the right place. In this article, you will find all the necessary information about Wpit18 and its login and registration process.

Wpit18 com login and registration process in 2022

What exactly is Wpit18?

As mentioned earlier, Wpit18 is a roster fighting event where two strong rosters are pitted against each other in the ring, and only one wins, getting its owner reward. Wpit18 is also called Pitmasters World Cup. The event’s primary goal is to amuse the attendees. Many people also participate in the event to bet and earn money. People bet on their favorite cock. It is a kind of gambling.

Wpit18 com login and registration process in 2022

Wpit18 primarily attracts many cock enthusiasts that bring their cocks and release them to fight each other. This act is quite brutal as the birds should be treated with care and kindness.

Wpit18 Login and Registration Process 2022

Registration for Wpit18.com is not that difficult. Follow the following steps to register for Wpit18.

·        Open any browser on your phone or computer.

·        Search for the Wpit18.com login page.

Wpit18 com login and registration process in 2022

·        If you are already a member of Wpit18, then enter your username and the password on the page.

·        If you don’t remember your password, click on forget password set a new password, and log in.

·        If you are new, you won’t find anything to register or signup for Wpit18.

·        To signup or be a member of Wpit18, you need to select Contact Us to communicate with the referrals.

·        There is no online form submission process. WhatsApp, Viber, and other contacts are given.

·        After talking to the officials, you will be given a user and password.

·        Using the password and username, you can log in to Wpit18 and access the Wpit18 dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WPC full form?

WPC stands for World Pitsmasters Cup. This event is held worldwide, where it is legal and safe. People from around the globe attend the event with their best cocks.

Is Wpit18 legal and safe?

Yes and no. This event is not safe in terms of roosters and chicks. Many birds die, and many depart because of this event. The event is also banned in many countries as it is harmful to birds. In some other countries, it is still legal, and people participate in it.

What is cock fighting?

Cock fighting is a game in which two best roosters fight each other in the ring. The one that stands victorious at the end of the game gets its owner reward.


Wpit18 is a cock fighting platform where people from around the globe bet on their favorite bird. Morally and ethically, it is wrong to get amused by animals. Birds are peaceful creatures, and they deserve to be treated the same way.

This post aims not to promote cock fighting but to provide information to those who are looking for it.

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