Who is the King of Free Fire? Free Fire ID, Real Name, and Net Worth

GT King or Gaming Tamizhan is the king of free fire game. He is from Tamil Nadu, India. Free Fire is one of the most played games in the world. Being popular in many countries, Free Fire is India’s most popular battle royale game, with more than 100 million downloads. This gave many YouTubers and Streamers a chance to make videos on this game in India.

This article will talk about who is the king of Free Fire, his Free Fire ID, real name, and net worth. If you want to know more about the king of Free Fire, you can keep reading this article.


King of Free Fire

GT King, famously known as Gaming Tamizhan for his YouTube channel, is the king of Free Fire. He is a primary video game creator from Tamil on YouTube. His YouTube channel has 3.11 million subscribers and more than 344 million views.

GT King started his YouTube channel in August 2020, intending to upload Free Fire videos. Along with YouTube, GT King also streams gameplay on Booyah. His Booyah account has over 2.9 million followers.

About Free Fire King

As we know, the king of Free Fire is GT King or Gaming Tamizhan. He is a YouTube star and a popular Tamil video game streamer. He is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His real name is Ravichandra Vigneshwer.


Free Fire King ID and Gaming Career/Stats

Gaming Tamizhan’s Free Fire ID is 287597612. Gaming Tamizhan has played 18174 squad games and has won 3612 games making his win rate 19.87%. With 51619 kills, he has a Kill to Death (K/D) ratio of 3.54.

He has also played 1797 duo matches and has won 160 matches, maintaining a win rate of 8.90%. In this, he has total kills of 3351, making his Kill to Death ratio 2.05. besides this, he has played eight ranked matches and maintained a Kill to Death ratio of 1.50 with 12 kills. If we talk about duo mode, he has played 3 games and secured 6 frags, making a K/D rate of 2.0.


Free Fire King Net Worth and Income

Gaming Tamizhan makes most of his income from his gaming career on different platforms. A huge part of his income comes from YouTube. YouTube pays its users with the number of views and watch time. If the account is Monetized, YouTube pays its users for the ads played per 1000 views.

According to Social Blade, the monthly income of Gaming Tamizhan is between $29.5 k to $46.8 k. this makes his yearly income up to $561.5 k.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the king of Free Fire?

GT King or Gaming Tamizhan is the king of Free Fire.

What is the king of Free Fire’s ID?

The ID of King of Free Fire is 287597612.

Who is the GT King?

GT King is the king of the Free Fire game. He is a Tamil YouTube video gaming videos creator from Tamil Nadu, India. He is also known as Gaming Tamizhan. He rose to fame because of his Free Fire gaming skills and gameplay.

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