How to Setup custom Themes in WhatsApp?

How to Setup custom Themes in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an amazing instant messenger app. The app has more than a billion monthly users with its simple and user-friendly interference. Despite so many people using WhatsApp still lacks some basic customization features like applying themes.

Setup custom Themes in WhatsApp

There are a few ways by which you can set up custom themes in your WhatsApp. even though WhatsApp does not come with any built-in feature of changing themes. You can still change them.

On the other hand, WhatsApp does come with a dark mod that can be used as a theme. The dark mode turns the screen and user interference into dark color. The mode was added to counter bright harmful screens.

Change into Dark mode.

Follow the following steps to set up the dark theme.

·        Open WhatsApp on your phone.

·        Click on the three verticle dots in the upper corner.

·        Go to settings.

·        Select chats.

·        Click on themes.

·        There you’ll find dark mode. Enable it.

Change into Dark mode with Android 10 or above.

The process is a bit different in devices with Android 10 or above. If you have one, then follow the following steps.

·        Open the WhatsApp.

·        Click on the three dots.

·        Go to settings.

·        Select chats.

·        There are select themes.

·        You will find System Default there. Select it.

·        Now, select the dark theme.

·        Open WhatsApp. You will find it in a different color.

Setup custom Themes by any App

As WhatsApp comes with only one theme that you can apply. Don’t worry. There is another way by which you can change themes in WhatsApp. You can always download Parallel space and download parallel space themes that will change the appearance of WhatsApp.

Follow the following guide to set custom themes in WhatsApp.

·        Open the Google play store on your phone.

·        In the search bar, search for the Parallel space app.

·        Once the app is downloaded, open it.

·        Look for WhatsApp and open it in the app.

·        Now go back to the google play store again.

·        This time search for a Parallel space WhatsApp theme.

·        Download any theme you like.

·        Wait for the theme to download.

·        When it is downloaded, open it and activate it.

·        Now, open WhatsApp.

·        You will see the app with a brand new theme.

Setup Custom Themes with WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp mods are modified versions of WhatsApp. They were developed to give users more customization options and features. Most WhatsApp mods come with built-in themes and a theme store. You can download any theme you like and apply them.

You can not only apply themes. You are allowed to change backdrops, colors, and wallpapers and even create your theme. Some of the most amazing WhatsApp mods are GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, and many more.


How to change the WhatsApp theme in Android?

WhatsApp does not come with any theme except for one dark mode. This dark mode changes the app’s appearance and can be used as a theme. You can use a third-party app like Parallel space to change the WhatsApp theme. Download it from the Google Play Store, download Parallel space WhatsApp themes you like, and activate them.

How to change the WhatsApp theme by downloading?

You can change themes on WhatsApp by downloading Parallel space and adding WhatsApp to it. Then download Parallel space WhatsApp themes from the Google play store. Once downloaded, activate them. In this way, you can download themes for WhatsApp.

Final Words

You can’t set up any custom theme in WhatsApp. You can take help from parallel space. Download the app and add WhatsApp to it. Download Parallel space themes and activate them. WhatsApp mods are also another option to set up custom themes as they come with a wide range of themes and customization options.

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