How to install nordvpn on Kali Linux?

We keep hearing the news about cyber security threats on different platforms. There is news about someone who invaded or tried to attack someone’s company or even some country’s cyber security. Therefore, in order to keep your data secure and protected from external threats one needs to have a proper security setup. Using a VPN might be one of them. Nordvpn is among the best VPN for s providing security by hiding the geographic location and IP address of the gadget in use.

Here we are specifically targeting the installation of Nordvpn on Kali Linux. To elaborate further about Nordvpn, one thing you don’t need to worry about is speed. Actually, it happens mostly that the VPN installed slows down the processor of the gadget. The cursor keeps moving or the circle keeps spinning for many seconds. However, this is not going to happen with Nordvpn. On the contrary, it actually fastens the speed and makes Linux works very smoothly.

In addition, if VPN switches off or connection drops the security and protection stay the same. When the connection drops, the Kill Switch feature of Nordvpn stops your computer from accessing any other internet server other than an encrypted VPN tunnel which means no one would be able to catch your device.

Moreover, if you are concerned about bugs or different other viruses which keep attacking the computer then your device would be shielded in this regard too. How so? Nordvpn has an added feature that protects the computer from malware. Commonly, you download something on your computer and you end up allowing bugs, viruses, and things of these sorts. Nordvpn scans the data being downloaded and makes it secure for your computer. Another added feature is that it blocks ads as well which makes it even more impressive because these ads keep popping up on your computer screens and sometimes, even these ads contain the virus.

Other than some conventional features there are some advanced features as well which makes Nordvpn even better and more versatile like,


The autosuggest feature makes Nordvpn very easy to use. It suggests the words while you are typing commands. It makes your work a little fast-paced and smooth.

Multiple connections

Most VPNs are not equipped with this feature. Nordvpn provides multiple connectivities. It means that you can connect 6 multiple gadgets with one single account. Yes, you don’t need to pay for different accounts for different devices. Buy a single subscription and connect it with different gadgets. At maximum, it can connect with 6 different devices.

TCP/UDP protocol

The active switching ability of Nordvpn makes it more agile and smart in its work. Based on networks availability, it easily switches to among different internet protocols like security level (TCP) or connection speed (UDP).

Now let us switch to the main thing, the process of installing Nordvpn.

The installation process has been kept very easy and simple to facilitate the consumers. It is in just 4 simple and easy steps.

The first one is to get the Nordvpn repo setup package. You need to download the setup.deb package.

Then, the second step is to install the Nordvpn repository.

The third step is to update the package that you desire.

Lastly, put the last command to install Nordvpn.

Anyhow, there are so many misconceptions and confusions regarding VPN installation and usage that people end up making different blunders. Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people are usually confused about.

Q: Are free VPNs good to use in Linux?

Honestly speaking free VPNs, be it, anyone, is not a good option at all. People are always running after some free services but they end up getting their device damaged. It is better to pay a few dollars than to get your data damaged and your security threatened. There have been many examples of when free service providers end up damaging the data.

Q: How to install and set up Nordvpn on chrome?

It is very simple. What you need to do is to install the Nordvpn app on the Google Play store and connect it with your chrome accounts. That’s it. VPN gets connected to the account and starts working.

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