How to Fix Left Click Not Working On Mouse in 5 Ways?  

What could be more irritating than finding that the left click of the mouse is not working? It is really troublesome especially when you are having something important to finish.

I faced this issue many times but now I have learned how to fix such issues without taking your PC or laptop to a repair shop. The problem no doubt causes big trouble but do not worry it is not that difficult to solve.

Therefore, read the article till the end and learn how to fix the left click not working on the mouse with easy and detailed guidelines.

Ways to Fix Left Click Not Working on Mouse Problems 

1. Check for primary button setting:

Go to the “windows setting” and then click on “devices”. There you will get the option of “mouse”. Got it? Yes click it and check for the primary button setting there. Set the primary button on “Left”. 

This is one of the most basic issues that can cause failure or problems in your mouse. If trying this does not work, do not worry there are other ways as well. Try them, they can be fruitful.

2. Explore hardware problems:

Check for the USB and cables of the mouse. You can find this issue by connecting the mouse to the other devices. The same goes for the cables and USB. 

If you find the problem in these, simply replace it, and you are done. Also, USB sockets might be having problems so check all the accessories and you might get the solution in this exploration. 

Done with this fix too? Check whether the left click is working the right way or not with the help of CMagile’s CPS tester. The click speed test tool is specifically designed to know whether the left click of the mouse is working perfectly or not.  

3. Corrupt user profile:

If the above three ways do not work, do try this one. It is a bit complicated as compared to the above-mentioned ways to fix the left click not working on the mouse. 

Go to the “start menu”, then to the “settings” option and there you will find “accounts”, click on it. You will find an option for family and other users, to create a new account from there.

Go to “C drive” and copy all the files from there other than Ntuser.datNtuser.dat.log, and Ntuser.ini. Then, paste these files into your new account/username. Once you are done, delete the old/corrupted account. 

There are high chances of getting your problem fixed after this remedy. In case it does not work, try other options.

4. Disable Touchpad

This is another option that you can try to fix your “left click not working” problem. Again go to the mouse settings option, then you will find the option of “additional mouse settings”, open it.

You will get an interface where there will be a bar on the top. There you will find “hardware”, click on it. Then you will get another interface where you will get the option of “properties” on the bottom right corner.

Then, on the top bar, you will find “driver” and then click on the “Disable” option. If the “disable” option is gray, try reinstalling properties and then disable it.

5. Mouse driver updates: 

Old versions always create an issue in working. So if your mouse left-click is not working, it might be because of an outdated version of your mouse. Updating your mouse can work for solving your problem.

Let me tell you how you can do that. Open device manager, you can open it by simply pressing “windows + X key” and there you will get “device manager option”. 

Then, find the “mice and other pointing options” and expand the bar. Find the option for which type of mouse you are using and click on the update drivers option. You will get this option when you “right-click” on the type of mouse you are having.

Last Words:  

I have shared these tricks with you for how to fix the left click not working on the mouse. Hopefully, one of them will work and will solve your problem. 

Also, restart your computer after every method because sometimes it does not work until you restart your device. These are the most probable problems for your mouse’s improper functions. 

However, if any of these does not work (which is a rare case) you might need to change your mouse. The other case could be a problem with your computer, for this you may need to consult a professional. 

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