How to download Pinterest videos without Installing any Software?

How to download Pinterest videos without Installing any Software?

As we all know that Pinterest is used all around the world as a discovery engine, anyone who is a user of Pinterest can create or find videos and images about their interest. You can find many useful tutorial videos about DIY and Crafts, Home decor plans, Education, Health, Entertainment, Kids and Parenting, Fashion, Technology, and literally anything you desire to visualise.  Unfortunately, Pinterest does not allow its users to download these tutorials, images, or Gifs. But there is a way of downloading these videos, Images, and Gifs without installing any Software, this technique is free of cast and takes mere seconds to download the content of your desire.  If You want to download your content without the installation of any Software, then the Pinterest Video Downloader is the best choice for you. It is an amazing and quick Tool of downloading from Pinterest.  It is free of cost and it does not require your Login, this means you don’t need to insert your personal data to register your account in it. It is modified for the convenience of People.

Instructions for Downloading Videos Tutorials or Images; helps to Download Images and Video Tutorials. The important steps for downloading are given as follows;

  1.  First Step

The first step is to go to your Pinterest and copy the link of the video tutorial or short clip that you want to download. 

  1. Second Step

When you have copied the URL of your desired content then open your and paste the URL into its search Bar. after a few seconds your video will appear.

  1. Third Step

The third and last step is when you have found your content then click on the Download option and your MP4 file will be downloaded. This is the fastest way to have pinterest video download on your devices.

Advantages of Downloading videos, Images, And Gifs without installation of any Software;

 Pinterest video downloader is the best tool to download video clips, images, and as well as Gifs of our desired subject. Here are some advantages to downloading from Pinterest video Downloader;

  1. No need to create an Account

 Pinterest video downloader is the downloading tool that does not need to create an account or log in. It does not require installing Software, simply you need to go to the Pinterest app and copy the link and paste it into the Pinterest Video Downloader and your video will be downloaded on your device.

  1. High-resolution Videos

Pinterest Video Downloader gives the highest Quality videos or Images. Some downloading tools minimise the resolution of videos or images when downloaded but the Pintodown gives you Videos and Pictures in their original Resolution and Hd quality.

3 . Freedom of use

Pinterest Video Downloader provides you freedom of use, You can download unlimited videos of your wish. 

4.  Use Without any Cost

Pinterest Video Downloader is free to use it does not require any cost, credit, or payment. 

5. Secure and Convenient Way

You can download videos, pictures, or Gifs in just a few seconds in an easy way. Anyone can easily understand its method of downloading. It is fully reliable and designed for your convenience.

6. Works on all Platforms

It is an online service that works on all platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.


Pinterest Video Downloader is the best way to download content from Pinterest as it is a cloud-based tool and does not need any installation. It is not allowed to save stories, Reels, or tutorials of users on Pinterest, Only Pinterest Video Downloader provides the facility to download your desired content in the best quality. Many other tools download videos in 480p only, but Pinterest Video Downloader is the only tool that downloads videos in better resolution, This Pinterest Video Downloader grants your desired data i,e Videos, Reels, Stories, and Live streaming in a very easy and quick way. It is the best downloader that provides many features which inspire your heart and urges you to use it. it is 100% free of cost and secure.

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