How agricultural drones are changing the Modern Farming?

What is an Agricultural Drone?

How agricultural drones are changing the Modern Farming?

An agriculture drone is an unmanned remote-controlled areal vehicle used for agricultural purposes. The agricultural drone is a very useful instrument for farmers. Farmers can increase their crop production minimizing the time with the help of agricultural drones. Farmers with large farms and cultivated land can use drones for surveying their crops for different means. This can help them save time and detect any problem within a short span of time.

Agricultural drones are practiced in only a few countries around the globe with strict rules and regulations. Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and the USA are using agricultural drones. 15 countries have outlawed all drone operations in their countries due to some reasons. The EU however plans a common set of rules and regulations regarding drone operations in all of its members.

Purpose of Agricultural Drone

Agricultural drones are quite useful vehicles that perform various functions regarding agriculture. Here are the purposes of Agricultural drones.

·        Yield Optimization

·        Monitoring Crop production

·        Monitoring Crop growth

Use of Agricultural Drones

As agricultural drones are specifically built for agricultural purposes. They are used for different functions that ultimately help farmers achieve different goals. Here are some uses of agricultural drones.

·        You can use agricultural drones to know the information of crop growth stages through aerial view provided by drones.

·        You can use them to know about the health of crops.

·        They can help in any mitigation if required through soil variation in real time if required.

·        Agricultural drones can be used to collect images in the near-infrared and visible electromagnetic spectrum with the help of multispectral sensors.

·        Monitor and control the use of pesticides properly.

·        Keeping track of livestock.

·        Monitoring the plant pathogens.

·        Surveying fences.

Prominent Drones

Even though the agricultural drones are the same as simple drones, the application of UAV and some other features makes them different from drones. Agricultural drones are made to fulfill the needs of farmers. Here is the list of some prominent drones currently available for farmers.

·        DJI Agras T13

·        DJI Agras T30

·        EAVision EA-2021

·        Draganfly Quantix Mapper

·        senseFly eBee SQ

·        Drone4Agro V3

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