How To Download & Install Schematica in Minecraft

I am going to show you how to download & install Schematica in Minecraft, which is a fantastic mod that allows you to build easily and quickly in Minecraft and today, I will show you exactly how to do so. You can import awesome builds from other people or copy your own builds between worlds in Schematica, a super-fun app that makes Minecraft even more fun and creative. Therefore, let’s get Schematica running on Minecraft and let’s see how we get on!

Schematica in Minecraft

Install the Forge application

Forge is required in order for Schematica to run, just as with a lot of Minecraft mods. Despite the fact that we have an in-depth guide showing you every step of the way, we still have some good news to share with you! Simply click here to find out more about it. As soon as you have Forge installed, you can proceed to actual Schematica installation and setup now – if you have not done so already!

Schematica in Minecraft

Schematica and LunatriusCore can be downloaded here

For Schematica to be able to run, we will need to download the module that is required to run the program, LunatriusCore, as well as the Schematica application itself. You are not in need of any additional software. It is possible to download Schematica here, and LunatriusCore can be accessed here.

 For the sake of taking things a little further, we’ve included two convenient links for each of these mods in order to help make things a little clearer. When you have accessed the download pages we have linked above, click on the green ‘Download’ button that usually appears on the right-hand side of the screen when you reach the download page for each mod. 

Schematica in Minecraft

In the final analysis, you will end up with two mods – Schematica and LunatriusCore – because you will need to download both of them.

Install Schematica & LunatriusCore

The students will realize how useful Schematica and LunatriusCore can be once the downloaded software is installed. This can be accomplished by simply pressing both the ‘Windows Key’, the key located just to the left of the space bar, and ‘R’ simultaneously. A program called ‘Run’ will open as a result. Simply type %appdata% in the search bar and hit enter. Once the search bar appears, a File Explorer window will appear. Clicking on the ‘.minecraft’ folder will open the ‘.minecraft’ folder in this window.

Schematica in Minecraft

You should then open up the ‘mods’ folder, which can be found in the .minecraft folder. You can create a ‘mods’ folder if you don’t already have one, just create one like I did in the GIF above. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the Schematica file and the Lunartriuscore file you downloaded into the Mods folder after you’re in the Mods folder. You have now installed Schematica! Enjoy.

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